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About RMD Financial Group LLC

We are a Financial Advising Company committed to providing retirement solutions for you.

Our Company

At RMD Financial Group LLC, we are fully committed to providing solutions that fit exactly what you want for your retirement. We ask you what you want, and then solve your wants and needs mathematically utilizing billion-dollar, asset-based companies that have a 100% reserve requirement, so your money is always safe, as well as secure. Clients looking for a systematic safety net always enjoy our programs, which never lose or run out of money and create increasing income streams, while lowering tax liabilities and eliminating advisor fees.

We are proud to educate our clients on a world of safe and secure ideas, which provide forward-looking strategies that deliver predictability when it counts. Understanding that you do not have to risk your principal to reach your retirement goals is a fresh and comforting idea for many of the clients that choose our safe money solutions.

Our Retirement Planning Software

At RMD Financial Group LLC, we utilize a mathematical software program that allows you to increase your income while simultaneously lowering your tax liabilities. Because the accounts are placed with billion-dollar United States insurance companies, the money is never at risk in the volatile stock market.


We utilize this mathematical program to provide income streams from
non-IRA accounts, and the income increases each year, while your tax bill decreases each year.


It sounds amazing, but because it is based on math and logic, we can prove the model in-house, even before you set the plan in motion. Many people are surprised to learn that qualified accounts, such as IRA, 401k, 403(b), and SEP IRA accounts have a life cycle that requires distributions from them at age 70 and a half. The required minimum distribution from these qualified accounts increases each year, which causes them to be depleted throughout retirement.

Our Roth IRA solution is a unique approach to tackling this problem, as it restores your ability to grow your account throughout retirement and allows you to grow your IRA accounts while taking plenty of income. It also allows you to recover your principal tax-free for yourselves, your heirs, or anyone else you wish to pass your assets down to.


Our income strategies can be built for income today or in the future, and may be started at any time. If no income is needed, we can build you an asset accumulation strategy that is unmatched by anyone else in the industry.


If safe money solutions are what you seek, we are qualified and ready to meet your requirements. After you contact us, one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your current situation.


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