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Financial Advising Company in Houston, Texas

Money, Financial Advising Company in Houston, TX

Retirement Strategies & Retirement Planning


RMD Financial Group LLC specializes in retirement strategies and retirement planning. This includes asset protection, income planning, IRA solutions, life insurance, long-term care, and many other strategies that are crucial to a successful retirement.



About Our Software

We utilize a software program that is based on mathematics and logic to increase your income, as well as lower your income tax liabilities. Once you take the time to learn more about our retirement planning software, you will understand the value of this technology.



About Us

Are you looking for safe investments that provide a perdictable retirement income you cannon outlive? Walt Decherd and Paul Brown can help.


"Our mission at R.M.D. Financial Group," Walt and Paul say, "is to provide the most tax-efficient income and retirement strategies with predictability when it counts. To accomplish that, we used advanced mathematical strategies that can never lose money or make negative returns, while reducing your income taxes by two-thirds. Your account is invested with billion-dollar U.S. companies that have a 100% reserve requirement, so your money is always safe.


Walt founded R.M.D. in 2006, and Paul is the Senior Planning Director. With their three decades of combined experience and varied skills, they form  a versatile team capable of providing the personalized financial services retirees and pre-retirees need to achieve their retirement dreams. R.M.D.'s services include asset protection, income planning, IRA solutions, life insurance, long-term care, and many other strategies that are designed to put clients in the best financial position after they retire.


R.M.D.'s planners begin the process of helping clients by finding out what clients want for retirement. This enables the planners to customize a program for each client's unique needs.

"Clients looking for a systematice safety net," Walt and Paul say, "Always enjoy our programs, which never risk principal and create increasing income streams, while lowering tax liabilities and eliminating advisor fees." R.M.D.'s innovative safe-money programs have helped the firm build a loyal, growing clientele.




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