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Financial Advising Company in Houston, Texas

Money, Financial Advising Company in Houston, TX

Retirement Strategies & Retirement Planning


RMD Financial Group LLC specializes in retirement strategies and retirement planning. This includes asset protection, income planning, IRA solutions, life insurance, long-term care, and many other strategies that are crucial to a successful retirement.



About Our Software

We utilize a software program that is based on mathematics and logic to increase your income, as well as lower your income tax liabilities. Once you take the time to learn more about our retirement planning software, you will understand the value of this technology.



About Us


  Walt G. Decherd has over 18 years experience as an accomplished entrepreneur. Shortly after the sale of his business he began the study of mathematical planning. Walt is the founder of RMD Financial Group and he is one of the leading advisors that specialize in mathematical planning. He is a well known financial educator in the Clear Lake Area and his retirement seminars have been widely attended by many pre-retirees and retirees living in the area. Walt has developed a specialty in working with retirees and those about to retire who want to protect their principal and to insure that their money will last. His practice focuses on helping pre-retirees and retirees preserve their capital, increase their income and reduce their tax liability.


Paul D. Brown is one of the financial industry’s leading advisors with a specialization in providing mathematical solutions for his client’s income and retirement planning needs. He began his planning career 14 years ago with New York Life where he began to develop and apply his retirement and estate planning skills. Shortly after leaving NYL, he began the study of mathematical planning for financial advisors under the guidance of one of the nation’s foremost mathematical planners. Paul has now achieved national recognition as one of our country’s leading authorities on the subject; teaching clients, certified financial planners, CPAs, and attorneys alike how to provide safe, secure and reliable mathematically based solutions for their client’s income needs throughout their retirement years.

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